Machine Learning and Data Analytics Group (MLDAG)

Director: Dr. Ananda Mohan Mondal


Current Graduate Students 

Md Mezbahul Islam

Graduate Doctoral Student

Islam joined the lab in Fall 2022. In his research, he primarily focuses on integrating multiple omics to identify the inside relation of multiple omics in complex diseases, such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases.

Office: Merit Lab, PG-6


  • Md Mezbahul Islam (Ph.D. Student: 2022 Fall – ): Graph Neural Network to integrate multiple omics
  • Masrur Sobhan (Ph.D. Student: 2020 Fall – ): Explainable AI to cancer health disparity and diabetic foot ulcers

Past Ph.D. Students

  • Raihanul Bari Tanvir (Fall 2018 – Summer 2023) – Postdoctoral associate at Boehringer Ingelheim. Dissertation: Graph theory and deep learning-based discovery of cancer biomarkers.
  • Abdullah Al Mamun (2018 Fall – 2022 Spring) – Facebook (Software Engineer, Machine Learning).  Dissertation: A Machine Learning Framework for Identifying Molecular Biomarkers from Transcriptomic Cancer Data. 

Past Master’s Students

  • Tasmia Aqila (2018 Fall – 2020 Fall) – Amazon
  • Mona Maharjan (2018 Fall – 2020 Summer) 

Past Undergraduate Students

  • Charles Schultz (UG, Claflin University, 2016), Project: Bipartite sub-graph and functional Correlation of Protein Subnetwork Biomarkers for Human Diseases.
  • Jenish Koirala (UG, Claflin University, 2016), Project: GLASSO Analysis of Protein Network Biomarker. Current Position: Advanced Software Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace USA.
  • Kumar Lama (UG, Claflin University, 2016), Project: DNA Mutation Analysis of Human Diseases. Current Position: Software Developer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Dominic Bett (UG, Claflin University, 2016), Project: Diffusion Kernel to Identify Missing PPIs in Protein Network Biomarker. Current Position: Senior Software Engineer, Dell Technologies.
  • Prayas Timalsina (UG, Claflin University, 2015), Project: Clique and Functional Correlation of Protein Subnetwork Biomarkers for Human Diseases. Current Position: Lead Security Engineer, US Customs and Border Protection.
  • Stephanie Y. Wyche (UG, Claflin University, 2015), Project: Study of DNA Methylation Patterns in Cancers. Current Position: Senior Developer and Management Consultant, BTG.
  • Kevin Charles (UG, Claflin University, 2014), Project: Diffusion Kernel to Extract Information from Protein-Protein Interaction Network.
  • Andrews Afful (UG, Claflin University, 2013), Project: Subnetwork Biomarkers for Yeast from Co-expressed and Physical Protein-Protein Interaction Using Brute Force Method. Current Position: Core Developer, IEX.
  • Joseph Rush (UG, Claflin University, 2012), Project: Evaluating Knowledge-based Scoring Function for Drug Discovery. Current Position: Executive Integrator, Boeing.
  • Reginald Taylor (UG, Claflin University, 2011), Project: Evaluating Empirical Scoring Function for Drug Discovery. Current Position: Monitor and Notification Engineer, Allstate.
  • Nze Lawson (UG, Claflin University, 2010), Project: Generating Diffusion Kernel-Type Feature for Protein Localization. Current Position: Global Commodity Manager, Google.
  • Naza A. Mack (UG, Claflin University, 2010), Project: Analysis of Protein FASTA Data for Viruses. Current Position: Assistant Professor, Morgan State University.
  • Kelechi Agu (UG, Claflin University, 2009), Project: Analysis of Protein FASTA Data for Viruses. Current Position: Senior IT Security Specialist, IBM.